Thinking About Bathroom Remodeling

They’re pretty adjustable for any size never done this before either but looks pretty straightforward and then this little light cover basically goes in there to give it a nice white and black accent here are some of the supplies that I bought the rest of the electrical project some. Read more @

Romex was okay so electrical boxes for the outlet electrical box for the switches these are the switches they’re against kind of two two switches in one so two of those are black and then the black I ‘ll let’s wire crimpers the little twisty thing and then it’s not grounded in here.

But I thought what I could do I ‘m guessing is run a ground wire to this sewer pipe I get I scraped this down to the bare metal attach this band to it and then attach a ground wire to that then we’ll have a grounding source there’s a GFCI here already in place shoot I forgot to get a black one well.

I’ll use that for now maybe I’ll replace it with a black one later but it’s a nice GFCI plug in somebody put in but no ground there just a hot and a neutral wire if I can ground it then I can use that GFCIappropriately as well as having and grounding source for all the other now.

Let’s in the bathroom which of course is very unsafe not to have them grounded so anyway in that today’s biggest goal is to get all the wiring done so some of it I’ve done before some of it I never have but just reading instructions and using common sense.

So wish me luck as far as my tools for demolition really the hammer had a bigger hammer than this I have a framers hammer but I broke it yesterday after years of service it finally gave out crowbar if you’re going to do this probably get a larger crowbar Bathroom Remodeling Service.

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