Ideas For Bathroom Remodeling

Have a difficult time selling the property because they have created something in their bathroom that people just don’t like or they can’t can’t deal with so that’s the only reason why I ‘m throwing tip number four in here How to Remodeling a Bathroom.

I’m not suggesting that you don’t try and get a little creative with some great colors you could really make a nice bathroom out of it and if you’re going to be living in that house for the rest of your life and you know that then do what you want tip number five moving fixtures can be expensive I can’t tell you how many times.

I would go over to someone’s house and they would say hey can I move my toilet over three inches or can I move my toilet over to where the bathtub is and switch locations well you can it’s just going to cost a lot of money moving a toilet on a concrete slab will require somebody to remove the concrete.

It will need to be jack-hammered and then the dirt will need to be removed and then, of course, the plumbing will need to be reconfigured and the same thing on a wood-framed floor if you have a subfloor or a Florida basement.

Where you have floor joist and subflooring then you might need to plan on locating relocating the fixtures into areas where you are not going to be in the way of a structural component like a floor joist’s not uncommon to have a floor joist running right down the center.

Where you would like to move something to so then, of course, this might require some type of structural engineering this is not going to be cheap and can add a considerable cost to your project tip number six and this is another biggie another problem that designers have.

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